Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Theleatherz, privacy is an absolute prerequisite. We assure our clients’ privacy and assume our customers as our utmost important asset. We cover all aspects in order to handle and protect your personal information.

We firmly believe in our policies and guidelines through which we can always serve our customers in a better way. Below mentioned are the golden guidelines for our loyal customers who put their trust, precious time and money in us.

Why your information is needed?

We collect our customers’ data for their own ease in their future dealings with us. Visitors who do not intend to provide information or make an account with us are free to browse and enjoy viewing our wide range of versatile and stylish products, otherwise for purchase of any desirable product; providing globally legitimate information (i.e. legal name, email address, postal address, delivery address, and valid phone number) is mandatory. Same info will be needed for signing up for our newsletter.

Collecting your data/info

Your data or information is collected in order to collect your feedback and reviews so we can improve to provide even better service and become user friendly through your response. Theleatherz accumulates your feedback with the aim of innovative and enhanced products and services.

Safety measures at Theleatherz

Theleatherz provides top priority to our customers’ data and in this regard we take entire responsibility for every bit of your sensitive information that is provided by you. We implement different safety measures available on internet. Upon signing up, security of all of your sensitive information becomes our sole responsibility. We use safety server for securing customers’ transactions. When a transaction is being made and sensitive information is exchanged i.e. credit card or PayPal account; which is obtained through SSL (Secure Server Layer), encryption and protection of that information start automatically through the payment gateway of suppliers’ databases. Although we have complete access of the particulars given by the customer, we keep them intact.

Upon succession of the transaction, your financial information (your social security number and your credit card PIN etc.) do not get stored with us.

Do we use cookies?

We value you and cookies help us to do so. Yes, we use cookies. Cookies are those tiny files which get saved to your computer (if only you allow) for your certain information to be recognized. We get helped by these cookies to provide you easy revisit to our website and serve you better; this will also help you to avoid the hurdle of filing all info again in your revisits to our website.

Do we sell data to other/third parties?

We, at Theleatherz , value your privacy by ensuring safety that is respected and all information we have is not for sharing or for sale to any party and always kept safe. For a safe and secure passage between you and Theleatherz, we maintain the ultimate bond of respect and loyalty and off course making the leathers your number 1 choice.

Compliance with Children’s online privacy protection act (COPPA)?

Theleatherz does not deal with customers’ age below than 13 and strictly comply with COPPA.

Customers’ consent

While visiting our website customer willingly gives his or her consent to agree to our guidelines and all other policies.

More Information

At first it is necessary to read and understand or clear policies in order to avoid any confusion and enjoy your every visit and purchase with us. In case any other information is needed we are always there to serve you through our Live chat/Email or you can also deal with us through our Facebook pages. In case of any other query (losses, damages etc.) feel free to contact at our provided contact numbers.